State-of-the-Art X-RAY Diagnostic Complex Installed at the Volodymyrets Central District Hospital

August 29, 2011

In 2010, CCRDF approached the Volodymyrets city officials to match our contribution towards an x-ray project. Upon agreement and after five months of reconstruction, several weeks of equipment installation and training of physicians, the radiology department of the Volodymyrets Central District Hospital in the Rivne region is opening its doors to its patients.

The new x-ray imaging equipment, a German-manufactured RoSHER–K x-ray diagnostic complex, was delivered as promised and residents of Volodymyrets and neighboring vicinities will greatly benefit from the capabilities of this sophisticated imaging machine.  
This new technology was crucial to the area, because each year, about 20,000 local residents are examined in the Volodymyrets district hospital. Until now, their diagnosis depended on an antiquated x-ray machine that had been in continuous use for nearly 30 years.  

The new RoSHER-K x-ray is state-of-the-art equipment, providing extremely precise imaging thanks to a remote control panel which substitutes three human operators and is located in a shielded station run by a technician. The advanced technology allows for the remote tilting of the table, manages exposure settings, and processes digital x-ray images.

Dr. Ivan Karayimchuk, the head doctor at Volodymyrets hospital, points out that in addition to allowing the doctors to examine more patients, the new x-ray equipment is also much safer compared to the outdated one. “It provides minimal exposure to radiation for patients as well as the medical staff.”

In order to create suitable conditions to meet all the x-ray examination standards, the hospital’s radiography room underwent a major 5-month renovation. The archaic x-ray equipment was removed and the room was fully repaired: the windows, ceiling, and flooring were completely replaced, new lighting was installed, and the room was specially prepared for x-ray imaging. Upon the completion of the reconstruction, the new x-ray machine was installed.

The RoSHER–K x-ray diagnostic complex and the room renovation at the Volodymyrets hospital was funded by the Children of Chornobyl Relief and Development Fund and in collaboration with the Rivne state administration. The total cost of the project was $60,000 (480,000 UAH).  

CCRDF first reported on the x-ray project on March 18, 2011 on the Fund’s website when the launch of the project was announced.