Our Accomplishments

February 1996

CCRF and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster with U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and actor Jack Palance.

April 1996

April 9: Covered by ABC News and The New York Times, the anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster is commemorated at the Harriman Institute at Columbia University with over 500 dignitaries and politicians in attendance.

April 1996

April 26: CCRF organizes the official national commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Chornobyl at the Kyiv National Opera Theatre.

May 1996

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore host the 10th Anniversary of Chornobyl and honor CCRF at the White House. Young leukemia survivor Vova Malofienko and CCRF Executive Director Alexander Kuzma are guest speakers.

August 1996

President Leonid Kuchma honors CCRF Founders Dr. Zenon and Nadia Matkiwsky, the first Americans to receive the Presidential Medal of Honor.

August 1997

The John Deere Foundation awards a grant of $350,000 to CCRF.

September 1997

CCRF hosts its third National Convention with health experts and dignitaries from the U.S., Canada, and Ukraine. Featured speakers include Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) and CNN Correspondent Martin Savidge.

November 1997

CCRF wins praise from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton during her goodwill mission to Ukraine; Mrs. Clinton witnesses the delivery of a CCRF ambulance to our partner hospital in Lviv.

December 1997

CCRF publishes the 10th edition of the Chornobyl Chronicle, a quarterly report of CCRF’s work sent to over 10,000 households in the USA. This issue is edited by CCRF Director Alexander Kuzma.

November 1998

CCRF launches its 20th medical airlift which provides emergency aid to flood victims in the Carpathian Mountain region

February 1999

U.S. State Department cites CCRF as an exemplary humanitarian organization: “The service you perform is one of the most efficient uses of U.S. government funds that can be envisioned.” [Charles Hardesty, Director of Humanitarian Assistance to the NIS]

April 1999

April 19: CCRF Nadia Matkiwsky and Tanya Vena honor First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her humanitarian work in Eastern Europe. Mrs. Clinton hails CCRF as a “remarkable organization” that embodies the very finest American values of compassion and caring for others. Actor Alec Baldwin attends the ceremony.

April 1999

April 27: CCRF organizes the first neonatal conference during which the Neonatalogist Association of Ukraine is established in Kyiv.

September 1999

CCRF launches a major campaign to improve conditions at the Poltava Maternity Hospital. With technology provided by CCRF, the hospital achieves a 90% reduction in infant mortality within one year.

September 2000

Edited by CCRF’s Alexander Kuzma and Olena Welhasch-Nyzhnykevych, CCRF publishes its 20th edition of the Chornobyl Chronicle.

October 2000

The Volyn Regional Children’s Medical Center in Lutsk reports a 50% reduction in infant mortality since the introduction of technology provided by CCRF thanks to the many private donors, such as the Bakum family.